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Virtual Gastric Band Technique - Healing Springs pg 26-27 Aug 2011 added 8/27/11

Hypnosis as Healthcare Quietly Gaining Ground MSNBC Aug 2011  added 8/27/11

New York Times Article - Hypnosis April 2011  added 5/5/11

The Open Mind - by Amy Halloran - Metroland Article January 2010  added 03/01/10

A Hypnotist Looks At the Mentalist - by Lee Pelletier   added 4/14/09

History of Hypnosis for Pain Management - by Barbara J. Davison added 11/11/08

Hypnosis articles - added 5/16/08

Hypnosis Article Schenectady Gazette - added 1/14/08  

The Question of Weight Lose by Jerome Pindell. added 11/2/07  

Achieving Your Goals the Write Way  by Deborah Yaffee . added 11/2/07  

Stress and the Holidays  by Barbara Stevens - added 11/2/07


Various Hypnosis Articles Site suggested by Barbara Stevens
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Should the practice of Hypnotherapy be restricted to doctors?
We think NOT.
Check this article by Bryan Knight:
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Register-Star- Nov. 2006 "Thank You For Not Smoking" article featuring CRCNGH
member Susan Spiegel Solovay.  Susan sets in motion strategies for those who
want support after the Great American Smoke-Out Nov 16.

Times Union Article -
"Hypnotists tap the mind to aid healing"

By KELLY VADNEY, Special to the Times Union
First published: Tuesday, June 13, 2006  
Event held at the Krause Center / Samaritan Hospital in Troy.

Capital Region Living Magazine, Feb. 2006
Hypnosis plus EFT: Experience Positive, Powerful, Permanent Change
By Jeanne Meyer Caverly, M.Ed., CH
Hypnosis - Albany New York area Hypnotists