Member's Resource Library:

Member's are requested to list up to 10 resources (Book, Video, CD, DVD, etc.) that they are willing to share with
fellow members.  Members may contact members and request that the material be brought to the next chapter
meeting for a one month loan.  (send loan list to )

Jerome Pindell  374-5492
1. The NLP Primer - by George Bien
2. Maximize Your Potential with NLP - by George Bien
3. Using the Elman Induction I and II - by Philip Holder
4. Understanding Regression - by Don Mottin
5. Past Life Regression - by Don Mottin
6. Working with Phobias - by Don Mottin
7. Hypnotic Presentations - by Don Mottin
8. Emergency Hypnosis Class - by Don Mottin
9. Hypnotic Inductions - by Don Mottin
10. Instant and Rapid Inductions for the Professional (2CDs) - by Cal Banyan

George Guarino, CH
1. Book "Training Trances" - John and Julie
2. Book "Everyday Miracles of Hypnotherapy"- Stephanie Y. Rothman
3. Book "Many Lives, Many Masters"  - Brian Weiss
4. Book "The Secret Language of Feelings" - Calvin Banyan
5. DVD "The New Medicine" - PBS special, Hypnosis, etc.

Audio -
Transformation: A Metaphor

Audio - Presents or Rocks
Hypnosis - Albany New York area Hypnotists